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Hand Dyed Neck Scarf Style Guide :: The Petite Knot

Now that you have your new Hand Dyed Neck Scarf from Thistle and Thread, it's time to start styling! We have put together this handy style guide to get the ideas flowing when it comes to complementing your already amazing style.  Up first: The Petite Knot.  This little French-inspired cutie is meant to be styled using any of Petite Silk Scarves.  1. Fold your scarf in half, length-wise. You want it to make a big triangle. Then you will  2. Begin rolling the scarf into a long rectangle.  3. Tie the scarf around your neck with a double knot and place the knot on the side of your neck.  We love this scarf paired with off-the-shoulder tops and thin straps....

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